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It’s Skyler and Rosie! This page is going to summarize each one of our books! You’ll get a little sneak peek at our book covers, so we hope you enjoy!

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Hera’s Revenge: When Hera kidnaps Jason and Percy, Annabeth and Piper set out to find her. But instead, they find themselves face-to-face, with every bad god that ever existed.



THE MISSION: Emma is a orphan. She had no friends, and even when people wanted to be her friends, she turned them away. She didn’t feel like she deserved friends. Her parents gave her away, so she probably wasn’t worthy of having friends. She finds herself going on a quest needing the one thing she turned away forever… friends.


Flashforward ~ What Are Friends For? : All the girls have come back to Rosewood for multiple different reasons. But it’s happening again, no one is safe, it’s a lot worse. This stalker knows everything. Secrets that should’ve been kept, lies that shouldn’t have been told, will this mysterious stalker ever be exposed?